My Writing Ritual:

So I have a problem. Well, I have problems. I approach the “real world” in a few months. However, ignoring that fact, there is one problem that we can address, and potentially find a solution for on this blog, is my inability to establish a writing ritual. In the past few years, my writing experience has been entirely focused on succeeding in my academic and professional pursuits. I tackle long essays, dead-end blogs, tedious discussion posts, and overly braggy cover letters.

To create these various forms of writing, I would need to be in what I considered the “writing mood.” This state is my writing nirvana, a whole separate world for myself and the page in front of me. While this mood is obviously good for productivity and creativity, I rarely get a chance to experience it. The “writing mood” tends to bless me when I have completely procrastinated and need to get something done. My problem is that I do not want to wait until every deadline to enjoy the efficiency of this writing state. I want to find a ritual that helps me get there every time.

I have pinpointed a few key steps that help get me in this motivated mood. I enjoy being in my apartment in dimmer lighting. That helps narrow my focus on the glowing screen. Additionally, I enjoy the pressure of a deadline and the narrowing time on the clock on the corner of my laptop. Hopefully, through trial and error, I will recognize the steps to my writing ritual and get in my productive “writing mood” each time. I will keep you updated with my progress and success throughout the semester as the need for this mood increases with my two writing classes 🙂


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  1. Hey Julia! The pressure of a deadline definitely always puts me in a “writing mood” too. It feels good to achieve little, attainable goals–or really big, important ones. I wonder if maybe your writing ritual has something to do with setting up little tasks for yourself that would act in service of the big ones? That way, you can make your own timeline and have the pressure of your own deadlines to work against.

  2. Hey Julie, I also experience being in a “writing mood” and call that time a “Good Writing Day.” Like you, when I’m in this state I can just write to my heart’s content and I find a groove with my thoughts. However, it’s not procrastination that motivates me, but staying on top of work. Procrastination gives me too much anxiety! I also think that a ritual can help me to reach a “Good Writing Day” anytime that I want to write. I’m just curious as to how you would be able to mimic the pressure of a deadline? Maybe you could write before you have an extra-curricular? Would that give you the same pressure to be able to finish before you have to attend that event? If you have a break during the school day, maybe use that time to write before your next class? Hope that is helpful!

  3. Hey Julia,
    I also often find myself waiting on the writing muse to descend and bless me with excellent writing. I think we’ve read the Shitty First Drafts thing in almost every writing class here and it’s great in theory (Just WRite! Don’t worry about the quality, just do it!) but lets be real, it’s hard to let go of that need to be in the perfect state to write something perfectly. Maybe establishing a ritual will help with that!

  4. Julia, I completely understand your problem and the fact that you struggle until the very end to find that “aha” idea to complete your assignments. I think that this is natural and that writers’ block – perhaps contributed by the lack of motivation is something that all of us face quite naturally. When I too was asked about my writing ritual, it took me sometime to actually realize if I do or do not have a ritual. Even today, I am not too sure if I have one, or did I just make something up to act as my ritual? I am interested by having “writing moods” because I have never approached my writing styles that way, but I am curious to know how do you know what is or what isn’t your writing mood? Looking forward to sharing some thoughts!

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