Hello Sweetland writing community, My name is Brian Oldani and I am currently a junior and the University of Michigan. I am in the process of getting my undergraduate degrees for economics. I transferred into Michigan from the University of Michigan Dearborn satellite campus. And let me tell you this place is head ans shoulders above Dearborn.

What lured me to the writing program here at Michigan is actually what i want to do further down the line. After graduating it has been a long term dream of mine to attend a prestigious Law school (hopefully Michigan.) However, a key proponent of being a good lawyer, and good applications is having the ability to concisely write with purpose and meaning. Also, throughput my academic career. My roommate from last year is in the program as well, and he explained to me the gateway program. Immediately I was intrigued and wanted to join the minor. I am excited for the challenge of taking an origin piece and changing it into different forms of writing, and analyzing it.

The origin piece I chose is a short story I wrote in Creative Writing (Writing 223.) The story is unique in the sense that the protagonist enlists in World War 1, and is telling the story through various journal entries. The story begins from the day he enlists, through boot camp/basic training and all the way into battle. What major dislike I have for this piece is the way I wrapped everything up and concluded it. To me it seems like I halted the story abruptly, and i never got around to finishing it. However, with the experiments, It should allow me to come up with creative endings different from before.

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