A Reflection of Experiment 1

The manifesto is a unique genre circulating throughout modern culture, as it is a newer genre that has already made an immense impact on today’s society. I enjoyed researching this genre because many manifestos incorporate positivity, optimism, and gratitude. Therefore, my time spent researching was found to be rewarding and uplifting. However, something I found challenging, or rather a dislike regarding the manifesto genre, would be the difficulty in finding high-quality and credible sources. A majority of manifestos are found on Pinterest or random webpages and this creates a lack of credibility. I often found myself wanting to know about the creators and minds behind the thousands of manifestos on the web. However, my vision now, compared to my vision of this project in the proposal stage, has remained the same. Personally, I feel as though this project is fully realizable. My comfort zone will be expanded as I head into the realm of graphic design, but that mere idea excites me. In regards to the written word, I would need to sit down and rework my open letter to include more of my voice by taking my open letter and deriving “I statements,” that share my unique perspective, from it. Furthermore, my origin piece stood as a complex web of emotions I was entangled in my first year of college. However, my origin piece was written from a 2nd perspective rather than 1st perspective. With experiment 1, I am opening up to my audience and sharing a more raw version of myself. Readers will gain new insight into my story, which may have been an insight they did not have access to while reading my open letter. In addition, my manifesto is straying more away from the events and obstacles accompanying that first year of college, but rather it hones in on my emotions and values that were changed as a result. Overall, if I were to fully realize this experiment I would need to take some time to learn the world of graphic design to really make my piece visually stimulating. This will be a challenge for me, but with the help of others I believe this goal is attainable. In complete honesty, I have no experience within this sector of technology and would really need to take some time researching the different equipment I would need to utilize in order to produce this piece. In regards to writing, I would need ensure my writing remains concise, to the point, and centered around my values. As an English major this will be hard to do as we tend to over analyze and fill blank pages with poetic writing. In sum, I would be more than eager to fully realize this piece and feel as though this piece would be best published in a personal blog or personal website, both of which I would also have to create.

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