Blog Post 2: Writing with Purpose

Amit Devitt, author of Writing Genres, uses her platform as a professor in the English Department at Kansans University to conduct and publish her research: Rhetoric and Composition, English language studies, writing and writing pedagogy, genre studies, variation and standardization, and Standardized English Edited English. Her position as a professor and writer has been earned by educational experience, having received her Bachelors from Trinity University in English, a Masters at the University of Kansas in English Composition, and a Doctoral at the University of Michigan in English Literature and Composition, she has not only been able to advance her writing capabilities but given access to communities to publish in. She has published three books about the genres, written numerous articles and chapters, and has been invited to present workshops and lectures across the globe such as in Sweden, Brazil, Denmark, and across the United States. 

            Devitt’s position as a professor allows her to converse with other areas of study at the collegiate level, thus, aiding her research by as she engages in other academic genres from legal writing to writing of the sciences, and as her position of power increases so does her ability to access these various genres in other fields.  She then analyzes these various fields’ genres to collect data, make conclusions, and publicize it, thus, using a method of research that is similar to other academics. One method of research that appears to be unique to Devitt’s is that she does a lot of interacting with people to stimulate and formulate research, for example she blogs ab out interactions she has had with incorrect formalities that have caused her to consider the structures of genre. Additionally, Devitt’s research on genre is not only her profession but something she is passionate about and she is able to use her platform as a professor to get paid to write about what she loves.  

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