Capstone Challenge 1: Brevity

For the capstone project, I am creating a mini web magazine called “Getting Cultured.” The magazine focuses on different cultural grocery stores, but for the launch of the project, I plan to focus on one store only. The project allows me to fully engage with this store and know everything there is to know about the store and the culture surrounding that store. The idea for this project starts from my friend and I going to art museum trying to be more “cultured” and then I talk to Jack and somehow the words “grocery” and “magazine” pop into my mind. So here it is – getting cultured about grocery stores presented in the form of magazine.

I want to engage this project using many modals – texts, videos, photos, etc. This multi-modal exploration is an extension of my personal Minor in Writing theme that is brevity – brevity to explore other writing styles. I am a boring person and I do not like taking risks, but the MiW program has challenged me to not be boring. I am also a competitive person, so of course this challenge appeals to me. My work prior to Gateway was very monotonous. My Gateway work was more colorful. It was truly a gateway for me to start exploring other genres of writing. This Capstone will be another episode of me trying to be more brace in my writing.

One thing I’ve learned from this process is that it will suck so much. I will want to try something really cool (read: podcast) and then I will fail or run out of time and then I will decide maybe it is not the thing for me. I don’t really mind if I fail. I have low standard for myself for something that I try for the first time (which is to say the standard gets higher every time I try that something more than once. This is also “The Office” reference). This will suck. I will criticise myself for being too ambitious. But there will be something else that I don’t feel too excited about but will turn into something I suprisingly like doing. So I end up trying many different things in a ‘journey’ to discover what I like best. It will feel horrible but that is okay. One day I will thank myself for putting myself into this ‘journey’ but that day doesn’t need to happen in the future. I think today is that day – I want to thank myself, for applying to MiW program which snowballs into many things – trying out poetry, screenplay and soon magazine. Eeeks!

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