Capstone Challenge #1 – Jacob Stropes

My capstone project is centered around the topic of predetermined fate / destiny, and subsequently, the degree of free will that we have as individuals. I am drawing on my previous experience in Gateway regarding the form I am thinking about executing my topic in. I plan on doing a podcast series with a final presentation in the form of a TedTalk, the same way my Gateway was summarized. In Gateway, and throughout my time in Ross, I have discovered a passion for presenting. I enjoy the thrill of public speaking and the art form that presenting is in terms of the different points that can be made with changes in your voice, facial expression, and your general movements. Taking a class in Ross centered around presentation as an art form, if you will, has motivated me to use the skills I developed there to create this project as a podcast and TedTalk.

While I don’t have a great deal of concern regarding this choice, my largest issues that I can foresee will be the time requirement to make a clean, professional podcast; as well as my inexperience with audio editing of any kind. With each podcast episode ranging anywhere from 15-30 minutes, and the subsequent editing that that will entail, I am planning on self-teaching myself how to edit audio efficiently through some sort of online program in the coming weeks. On the other hand, I feel that with a topic of this nature, it will be essential for me to be able to speak about it. I anticipate finding it much easier to give complex, sometimes hard to believe, explanations for phenomena that others haven’t experienced themselves vocally rather than in writing.

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  1. Jacob–

    This is such a cool topic! I think the form idea and working with podcasts and a TedTalk style is such an interesting approach! I want to know more about the topic in general. What about predetermined destiny and free will interests you? What prompted you to find interest in these topics? Have you seen prior presentations on this matter or is this stemming from personal interest? I think it is very important and interesting to unpack the reasoning behind your desire in the topic. Has something happened to you? Also, kind of on a different note, what was your gateway project? You mention that your gateway project worked with this similar form, but what was the topic? Just interested in it in general!

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