I originally wrote a boring introduction of myself last week but never ended up publishing it. I’m Maya. I’m a sophomore in the Music School. I play orchestrally and in an indie band. I do other things but I don’t think anyone would care. I have a hard time writing about myself in a public setting. That’s about it.

I like to write (or attempt to, at least) because I believe it’s another form of art similar to what I do in music. I want to be able to perform on paper as well as I do on stage. That being said, I tend to have dry humor or moody shit in my writing. I think I get my creative or free writing confused with my songwriting because I tend to steal ideas or phrases from both to use on either side.

For my Gateway project, I think I am going to focus on my life growing up in shooting sports. My origin piece is an instructional video I made in high school about gun safety and the art of skeet shooting. I still have to decide what I am going to do for the experiments. It’s a bit of a disaster at the moment.

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