Experiment 2 Reflection

For this second experiment I decided to turn my origin piece (a cultural commentary essay) into a PowerPoint. I would still be discussing everything in my origin piece but in a new format and with images. It’s not a very radical change, but I think it would be interesting to try and turn something so text based into something so visual. I would just change the format in which I present the information. 

 Although I was more excited about my previous experiment, I could see myself actually doing this one. I would keep all the information I wrote in my origin piece but maybe reorganize it and add other outside information which I would include my PowerPoint. I could even look at my first draft of my origin piece to see if anything I originally took out could be added back or returned to in a new way. The hardest part of this experiment would be to find pictures and deciding when to move to a new slide. I can also get very particular about how my slides look so I think also formatting it will take a long time. I don’t think my idea about this experiment has changed much from the proposal stage. Rather I’m more realistic about how much work and effort I will end putting into this experiment if I choose to do it.

 That being said, the research I did to learn more about the genre helped me realize some techniques that I can use in my PowerPoint. It’s not that I can’t have any words, besides a title, on each slide but that it should be limited. I knew PowerPoints should be more focused on images and figures, but I still like using some text to explain what is presented. I also liked that it doesn’t have to be just pictures but the way you organize text on a page to make it visually stimulating. And as long as it looks clean and organize, the slide should be understandable to the audience. One thing I don’t love about this genre, though, is how much importance is place on the presentation: i.e. the person up there talking about the information. This is more about my own personal preference of not speaking in front of a large group of people. I don’t enjoy public speaking. However, if I did this experiment, I don’t think I would do a formal presentation but write the notes and script as if I would. 

To help with some of these issues, I would want to learn more about how my previous professors have put together their own slides. How much time is too long for a slide? Can you have too many or too little slides? What is an effective transition between ideas? What should the script look like? I think it would be beneficial to learn more about how they are presented because even if I don’t present my own, it would help me to create it. I would gain a better idea of when to switch to a new slide or whether to combine the information into just one slide. So rather than just looking at other’s PowerPoints I would watch some being presented.             

Overall, I think this could be an interesting experiment to do. It seems pretty straightforward and although it is similar to my origin piece, it’s such a different way of looking at and communicating information. 

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