Hello, my name is __________.

Let’s start off with the basics:

Hello, my name is Morgan Rubino, a sophomore Communications major from Rochester, MI!

As a person, I’m your typical introvert. When I’m not exploring Ann Arbor coffee shops in pursuit of the perfect hazelnut latte or cozied up binge-watching reality TV, you can find me writing. As a writer, I’ve fallen in love with a more editorial style, contributing to The Michigan Daily and SHEI Magazine on campus. But that there is why I really wanted to shake things up with my MiW gateway project, experimenting with some genres/mediums that I have never dared to try before.

The origin piece for my project is something any current sophomore might remember: the writing placement essay we had to write the summer before freshman year. In it, I argued against a claim by a New York Times writer stating that when millennials use “lazy” language, such as “I feel like,” in their speech, it disadvantages them. I was inspired to revisit that piece, because I don’t think I fully allowed myself to rant on and defend my generation to its fullest back then, just because I was still writing an academic paper after all. Too much ranting and I would’ve sounded crazy.

With this project, I am most excited to try my hand at some new mediums, including a digital zine and an open letter. I feel like those formats will give me the opportunity to really speak my mind through my writing. I also want to give a short story a try, which is a big deal for someone who never writes fiction. Ever.

My questions regarding this project are still mostly how am I going to get this all done?? But, I’ve resolved to just taking it day by day and experiment by experiment.

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