Introducing Myself

My name is Bennett Hendricks, I am currently 20 years old. I am studying biochemistry, which I have absolutely no regrets about (yet). As far as who I am as a writer, I am not exactly sure. Growing up I was never very fond of English classes, however I would say that’s changed somewhat in the past 3 years. I appreciate writing as an avenue to express the internal thought-world, as well as a venue to draw attention to any current paradigm out in the world. I think my attitude towards writing changed when I felt more freedom to explore my internal and external views through writing, versus feeling pressured to conform my writing to the popular narrative. My origin piece is an email I wrote to my Grandmother over winter break. The email is somewhat lengthy, and was typed out on the toilet – that sacred space where all upper-level thought occurs. In the email I inquire about my Grandmother’s views on health, medicine, and longevity, and I flesh out some on my own musings on the matter.

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