I’ve decorated cakes for NFL players and Jennifer Garner

I feel like introductions in college always begin with some lame ass ice breaker so I’ll start out by just giving you all that information now. My name is Nick Silk, I am a sophomore originally from Los Angeles, and I applied to the Ford School of Public Policy for my major, and if I don’t get in I’ll probably just do Political Science. Some ~fascinating~ things about me are that I’ve decorated cakes for NFL players and Jennifer Garner, I’ve broken the same collarbone three times, and I’ve been using the same pencil since freshman year of high school. I’m excited to be in this gateway course. I’m a pretty casual writer, but I would say the things I most enjoy to write are on opposite sides of the spectrum; I’m either all for writing a dense, analytic research paper or report, or I enjoy writing very conversational free-writing. For my source material, I’m working with a poem portfolio I wrote in a creative writing course last year entitled “Life, A Boy” that inspects the progression of a boy’s life through different, important stages and the varying emotions that come with them. Some of it’s based on my own life, some of it’s based on people I know, and some of it’s totally fiction. There’s a lot of direction that I could take with this broad theme of life and death, and I’m encouraged by all the genres that could be explored with it. It’s this potential that really attracted me to this particular source material, and while I don’t know if it’s possible, I hope to internally and externally find some answers to how we perceive life and death. While my experiment ideas are not set in stone, I was thinking of fashioning a baby book, creating a video essay, and writing an obituary/guestbook. All genres I have minimal experience with, but I think they’ll be interesting to delve into. I don’t know what else to tell you at this time, but I’m sure we’ll get to know each other more along the way. Here’s the Instagram page of the cake decorating studio I worked at:




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