Reflection Two

I enjoyed doing research on this genre, children’s stories, because it is not a genre I have had academic experience with. It was fun to take a look at some of the online children’s stories and see how they are teaching their audience life lessons and values.  I learned that the plot cannot incorporate multiple characters, it should only have two or three characters in it. Additionally, the plots have to be very simple. This genre, more than others, you have to be very careful about tailoring it to your audience because if you do not meet their reading and comprehension level your story will not be selected and bought by parents.

If I fully realized my project, I would have included some cartoon images on each page of the story.  I did not include that in the sketch because I just wanted to get an idea of my plot. I would have to make sure the images were directly related to the text on the pages and that there were symbols in the images that the children could link directly to the text.  This increases the clarity and meaning of the story for the children reading it (or having it read to them). Also, I would have gone back and made sure the language was as basic as I could make it and it was very direct. This is also to help the children absorb the message better. In my proposal stage, I was very detail oriented, but as time went on, I realized to focus on the general clarity of the story because that is what is the most meaningful for children.  The purpose of a story book is to teach a child a lesson, not to make sure they understand every detail of the plot- this is something I was not that aware of in the proposal stage.

My origin piece inspired this because throughout my Arab-Israeli course it became evident that there is no end in sight for this conflict.  In order for the conflict to be resolved, children must be taught the values of love, acceptance, and unity. However, children are simply taught to hate the opposing side of the conflict.  This perpetuates the tension in the region and is a reason why the conflict has no end in sight. This story book is not factually based at all. It is only based on the idea that opposing sides of the conflict lack unity and that the children are not intermingled. This differs a lot from the origin piece which is based on history and facts in the region. I think that this is a reasonable omission in this experiment because children are not going to value this information.

At the moment, I think that this is the experiment that I will fully realize.  In order to do this, I want to look at some more children’s books and see how they present controversial topics.  Maybe a children’s book about a politically charged topic could be helpful. As far as equipment and skills for this phase, I will need to find a way to make the illustrations.  A tablet could be useful for this. I will probably keep the final project in the pdf/powerpoint format.

If I were to actually publish this piece, a good place would be a parenting blog as parents could use it to teach their children to accept others’ differences.  Also through my research, I have learned that there are websites where amateur writers can publish children’s stories. This would also be an appropriate venue.

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