The Holstee Manifesto

Pinning down the exact writer of a manifesto is tough as it is often a genre found on company websites, Pinterest, or other various marketing sectors. However, in Experiment 1, I am analyzing the Holstee Manifesto, which has been coined as the manifesto that started it all. In 2008, three friends, who were young and ripe in the employment world, were hit hard by the Recession. Because of this, they decided to quit their day jobs and fully immerse themselves into their passion of developing a clothing line to embody their core values. Rather than taking off as a clothing line, the core values of these three young men morphed in a manifesto now referred to as the Holstee manifesto (“Tools and Inspiration for a More Meaningful Life.” Holstee”).

It is wild to think such prevalent, impactful genre took off as a result of three men who were down on their luck during the Recession. Now the creators of the Holstee manifesto have make a living by selling different goods that incorporate the messages conveyed in this manifesto. The Holstee manifesto is often found on cards, picture frames, mugs, wall hangings, magnets, etc. While many companies such as Lululemon and Apple have taken means into their own hands to create their own company manifestos, the Holstee Manifesto can often be found hanging on the walls of these corporate offices as a sources of inspiration. I am thankful to the three friends who longed to share their passion, positivity, and creative energy with a world that oftentimes seems dark and cold. Because now, we have a genre that inspires, motivates, and uplifts its audience.

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