Who I Am

Hello! I am Sydney.

I am from Lake Isabella, MI. I am a friend, daughter, student, and leader. I am an eternal busy bee, social butterfly, and breakfast fanatic. I am passionate about creativity, standing up for people, and having FUN! I am a huge fan of naps. I am a believer, dreamer, reader, and writer. I am at my best when I am surrounded by other people.

I am writing to connect with others. I am writing to release my wild emotions and thoughts to roam the world. I am writing to improve myself. I am hoping to leave a legacy behind me.

I am choosing a blog post that I wrote about a year ago titled Twenty as my origin piece. It is a post that describes how I felt about being at that age and what it meant to me to be at the crossroads between adulthood and childhood. It was also a very vulnerable piece for me to write and it took even more vulnerability for me to share it with the world. I am planning on creating a photo essay, video essay, and timeline of my life that are all inspired by what age means and who I am.

I am really excited to tap into my creative side this semester. Creativity has for most of my life been very daunting to me. I think most of that comes from the fear of failing. I am now trying to make up for lost time. This class has created an environment where I feel comfortable trying things out. I feel encouraged and I am not going to let fear hold me back. I am ready to try different mediums. I am nervous but very excited to explore and see where I end up.

I am wondering what I am going to enjoy and what is going to challenge me but most importantly wondering at the end of the semester, who will I be?

3 thoughts to “Who I Am”

  1. I love how you write to leave a legacy. That’s really beautiful. Taking a chance to be creative in this class is going to be super beneficial for you. Good luck with your Experiment 1! Your source material seems super promising.

  2. I really like that you included a visual–particularly one that shows your sense of humor. I also like that you ended with a very broad but important question. You expect this class to change you and are excited to find out how.

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