Writing 220: The Gateway Community

To date, the Writing Minor Gateway course has been the most peer-integrated class I have ever been a part of. There is no beginning awkward stage of the class where nobody wants to talk aloud, raise their hands, or make side conversations. From the inception, the entire class was encouraged to get to know one another and truly utilize every individual writer and student as a unique resource. Being that the Writing Minor program is paralleled by an extremely diverse array of majors, its participants gain exposure to a wide range of perspectives. As a student in the business school, I found this class especially refreshing in that I am able to ask questions and for help to truly better my work, not just for participation points lying on a curve. Inside the classroom, stresses and pressures dissipate as the students in the Writing 220 Community of USB 2230 can simply put pen to paper and constructively let their ideas flow.

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