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Through the experiment process I have tested the boundaries that accompany voice. In my origin piece, I utilized my voice in a less personal way to offer advise the future resident of my dorm room about the tremorous first year of college. I reworked this in experiment 1 to propose a manifesto that would eliminate the perspective of the future resident to really hone my own personal voice. In experiment 2, I decided to utilize a completely emotionless and factual voice to allow the photos of my proposed photo essay to speak for themselves. After going through this experiment process, I have learned my strongest tool while writing is my personal voice conveyed through emotional and credible appeals. Because of this, I have chosen to fully realize experiment 3. In this experiment, I proposed to create a blog which will allow me to channel my personal voice to articulate the various story threads embedded in my origin piece.

However, I have come to the realization there is no perfect way to blog. I envision my blog to be one where I am able to write and comment on a variety of topics embedded within the parameters of today’s society. My audience will be composed of others who are inspired or rather curious about focal points of my writing. Before beginning my journey as a writing minor, blogging has always been of interest to me. By fully realizing experiment 3, I will be given the chance to rediscover and pursue a passion I have let simmer inside of me. As I embark on this creative adventure, I will strive to always write with an open mind, as well as write from a stance of credibility. I will strive to write from a viewpoint of personal experience and do my absolute best to minimize any overbearing bias. Quite frankly, this is a project I am extremely eager for as it is something I have always wanted to do. I plan to publish my blog utilizing WordPress and if success is to come my way during my full realization of this experiment, perhaps I will continue blog for the remainder of my undergraduate career.

6 thoughts to “A Fully-Realized Blog”

  1. Interesting post Samantha. I like how you addressed each of your experiments in both their appeals as well as their shortcomings, the aspect of two sides to every coin that often gets forgotten. I’m excited to see what this final project turns out to be!

  2. I like your idea of using a blog to further your personal voice, Samantha. I am curious, will your blog have a recurring theme throughout, or will it be more open to your personal interests on a given day or week? I hope you’ll share the blog for others to read!

  3. This seems super unique! I suggest you segment your topics/personal ideas by including headlines in your blog. While the mind wanders freely when effectively writing about personal experiences and thoughts, its important to stay organized for the interpretable sake of the reader.

  4. This blog sounds like it will be extremely authentic and personal, which seems to be what you are going for. I think that a project in this format will really engage the audience you are targeting and get across the messages you intend to. How often are you going to blog? Are you going to continue with experiences past your freshman year?

  5. Your first line is what initially grabbed me, and your choice of origin piece kept the ball rolling. I really liked your different interpretations of that piece for your experiment, and I appreciate your honesty about this journey and your commitment to credibility for your final project. The idea of continuing the blog is an interesting one, so I hope you find your stride!

  6. I really like how you took these experiments to learn more about yourself as a writer by employing a gradient in emphasis on voice, and testing the waters for where the result is most effective. I was wondering what your blog will be centered around, if anything, and how you will narrow these emotional and credible appeals that strengthen your writing. Good luck with fully realizing your blog!

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