An attempt at objectivity PART II: Reviewing (another) one of my favorite books

I am a history major studying to become a librarian. I know how to find reliable sources and I take the study of history very seriously because I believe that knowing our history is the only way we can move forward in life, as an individual, a society, a culture, and a political system. Movies and TV shows have sensationalized parts of history and, sometimes (most times), portray people of the past of groups from history woefully incorrectly (do not watch “300” with Gerard Butler with me – I will tear that thing apart).

So, it is refreshing to me to find things that try to correct the damage movies like “300” cause. One of my favorite movies growing up was the Disney animated version of “Peter Pan.” However, as I have learned, pirates weren’t really like Captain Hook and Smee. One of my favorite history books is called “Under the Black Flag: The Romance and the Reality of Life Among the Pirates” by David Cordingly. Cordingly goes chronologically through one geographic region at a time, touching on the most famous pirates in historical memory and completely tearing down our modern concept of them.

Wow, my completely objective review of this book is that Cordingly is a great historian and engaging writer. Check out this book if you’re interested in pirates!

Meghan Brody

Meghan Brody. B.A. History & Writing. LSA Senior. Aspiring librarian.

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