Capstone Challenge 3: Choices

In class yesterday, Ray asked “what is your favorite font?” I figured that Ray liked to ask seemingly random questions and then went on to talk about how these questions were necessary for our projects. He said that the font we chose for our projects mattered because different fonts can have different impacts on reading speed, tone, perception, etc.

The same can be said for many other choices that we make in our writings. One thing that I am considering a lot for my project is tone. I want to have a ‘light’ tone and do not sound like death. But sometimes the things that I want to say in my project needs a serious tone. This is another choice, besides font and color palette and which research to include, that the project makes me do. During peer review for almost all of the writing classes I’ve had, I would always point out tonal shift or tonal change in other people’s writings. Tonal change sounds odd, as if the writer is confused. But I wonder if making a tone change can be a writer’s tool? Can shifting tone leaves a good effect on the writing?

This reminds me of my gateway experiments. In this post, I talk about the different genres I’ve explored throughout that semester. The content of these experiments are the same, but they are written in different forms, and with that, different tones. I notice that some genres can convey what I want to say better than other genres. So I guess my choice of tone for this capstone project depends on what I want to convey and what is the best way to convey my intention.

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