Challenge Journal 3: Home stretch to the home stretch

Something about this time of year is more painful than the actual scrambling done at the very end of the semester. You know the work will hit like a brick wall sooner than you can react to it. I even know in advance that I don’t want to stress myself out unnecessarily, that I should prepare and work methodically to get my work done quickly and with quality. But it’s the home stretch to the home stretch — there is an indescribable attribute about it that makes that kind of preparation impossible. And as I upsettingly stare at my cap and gown in my room as graduation looms, the pain of this homework/project/any responsibility purgatory is exacerbated.

Unfortunately, Writing 420 is not an exception to this feeling. I am steadily completing different aspects of my project, but I still feel as if I am running on a treadmill. There is progress in some capacity — I have been keeping up with my schedule for writing actual content — but I am not truly moving forward. Ideas pop into my head about what the site will look like, edits I will make to my current work, and the prospects of the future writing I will do. Yet, in this awkward part of the semester, those thoughts remain stagnant.

I wouldn’t characterize this time period as a rut necessarily, especially since there is some work being done. I just consider it to be a universal condition that other students are experiencing (but let me know if I am way off base with that). Anyway, I am not too sure if there is a quick fix to inspire just a bit more motivation. With what we have done in class, I feel like I have done the prep that I can. I also think that combining the short, random moments of focus I have will somehow result in the finalization of my project rather than a methodical approach.

Any and all words of encouragement are encouraged(!) here, and I hope you all can get through the home stretch to the home stretch and especially the actual home stretch without a hitch (say that 10 times fast).

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  1. Hi Ethan! I love how everyone in capstone is writing about how unbearable these last few weeks before graduation are – I am right there in that same boat. Also, I want to get your sentence “But it’s the home stretch to the home stretch — there is an indescribable attribute…that kind of preparation impossible.” temporarily tattooed on my body. March has just been awful! We are so close to being done and yet it feels like there is not acknowledgement until the very end when we are slammed with work. One way to chip away at this is something I’m doing right now: getting the smaller things done. I completed all my challenge journal assignments and this is the last comment I have to do. I’m outlining essays and choosing a website template for capstone. These are small things but I know they will make mid-April so much easier. Best of luck!

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