Don’t be afraid to experiment…

I sincerely mean it when I say, I really loved doing these experiments. Working with a subject matter that I’m passionate about for practically a whole semester is hardly something to complain about. It never feels like doing “work” in the typical sense of the word…I do my experiments when I want to put off my other work. Even the genre analysis, while more difficult than the other sections, was enjoyable. I truly liked reading scholarly articles about fan fiction and learning more about that world—I almost feel like I’ve been welcomed into another writing community. Also, taking the origin piece that I put hours of work into in my senior year of high school, and extending and transforming it, makes all that effort even more worth it.

I feel that through these experiments, I have broadened my horizons as a writer. I never thought that I’d be creating fan fiction, or even a dating website, and that I might actually be good at it. While a lot of it was out of my comfort zone, I wasn’t worried about failing. I knew there was a risk of it turning out poorly, but, experiments aren’t always successful. You can try and fail and that’s okay. The important thing is that I had fun with it, and expressed my creativity in a unique way.

Finally, having the finished piece is quite rewarding. When I scroll down from my proposal to my reflection, it really demonstrates a writerly journey that I went on. I can see the mindset that I was in while writing my proposal (before starting the actual experiment), and then look at how my thoughts and ideas changed as I continued into the process. At the end I think, “Wow, look at this cool thing that I’ve created.”

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