Dream Journal

In an effort to make myself more comfortable with blog posts, I am going to try to post any thoughts or random song lyrics that randomly come to my head. They usually end up lost in a sea of my phone notes or scribbles in my small orange notebook. I guess the title “Dream Journal” is slightly misleading–I do not plan to keep an account of my dreams unless I feel it is necessary to do so. I am calling it my Dream Journal regardless of which state of consciousness I am in, as I believe all of my thoughts are dreams of some sort.

Every post in blue is a “midnight thought”

Every post in mint green is a “potential song lyric”

Grey is a mix of the two

Orange is a sudden thought in the middle of the day

Pink is an excerpt from my notebook

I’ll most likely add different colors for different things as time goes on. For now, enjoy! Or don’t. This is definitely a project I am doing for myself.

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