Experiencing the Experiment

I’ve never thought so deeply and multi-dimensionally about one piece of writing, especially writing that I wrote over ten years ago. It seems as though so much and so little has changed since then. It feels funny to be re-working and re-visiting this writing because my 9 year-old self would have never imagined my college-aged self to be reflecting so deeply such a seemingly insignificant piece. These experiments have a new, personalized meaning to me due to the time I have spend preparing and reflection on my work. I am happy with the experiments I have done so far, but I also wish we had a little more time to do them so I could develop more of my ideas into these projects. Nonetheless, I feel fortunate to be in a class where our writing can be transformed into other creative outlets. I wish more classes allowed for this type of creativity.

For experiment three, I’m thinking of writing another open letter, but this time it would be about my feelings and reactions towards Trump’s inauguration several years ago. I know exactly where I was when I found out her got elected, and the negative emotions and genuine fear I felt waking up that morning. It’s a feeling I want to write about because it was so visceral. This experiment would be more “emotional” than my other two experiments and involve more writing.

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