Experiment 2 Reflection

I genuinely had no idea which genre I wanted to explore going into the second experiment, but I knew the aspect of my origin piece that I wanted to write about. In my origin piece, which is a reflective narrative about my relationship with my best friend Lindsay, I write about an incredibly fun day in New York City that she and I had. In the piece, I touch upon a hole in the wall dim sum place we went to, and I decided that I wanted to somehow write about food in NYC.

Initially I was confused about how to write about this through a genre that I found interesting, but then I realized a restaurant review article could be really cool. I have read many of these, so I’m fairly familiar with it, but I have never written one. Lindsay is actually a food blogger so I have some comfort with the genre through her, too. For a fully realized version of this, I would choose to go with an in depth review of one restaurant’s dining experience rather than a top 10 list. I think it would make it more personal since I could write it in narrative style, so my voice could better shine through.

There are definitely conventions surrounding this genre that I’m not fully familiar with, especially in terms of actually going to a restaurant with the intention of reviewing it. In terms of equipment, I just need my laptop to write and my phone to take notes and pictures with. I would want to publish this on a site like The New York Times or Eater. I want it to reach a broad audience and be easily searchable. While a restaurant guide like The Infatuation would also be really cool to write for, that publication mostly does top 10 lists and therefore wouldn’t give me room to be creative and really flex my writing ability.

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