Experiment Experiences

I’ve learned a lot about myself in these experiments so far. I found that what I want to focus on can change, and it is not necessarily a bad thing! I learned that I need to be in a specific mood in order to successfully write about my life in the more personal parts of my project. This can be out of fear of knowing that my experiments are going to be public or from just feeling exhausted trying to tie in how I feel without making any controversial arguments.

After doing my first experiment, I realized that I wanted to focus my project more on identity and how shooting sports are a huge part of mine.

My first experiment consisted of two pamphlets; one on gun safety and the other on how to play a game of skeet. This experiment fell pretty short of what I was expecting it to be. In an attempt to make something more personal with more substance, my second experiment is a photo timeline of my life growing up learning and mastering different shooting sports.

For my third experiment, I am conflicted about which path I should take. One idea I have is to interview people about what makes up their identity and how they came to do the things that they do now. I am little apprehensive with this as my third experiment because it might seem too far of a stretch and out of place from my other two experiments. The other idea for my third experiment is to interview people at the ranges that I go to in various different shooting sports to see what got them into their sports and how it shaped their lives.

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