Fitting In // Challenge Blog 3

I have just finished filming and editing my first video for this project! *cue confetti* It was an emotional ride. Many tears were shed. I am excited for you all to see how her story turns from sadness to JOY. You can see it in every part of the video. How she holds herself, how she speaks, etc.

But now comes the hard part. She spoke with so much passion and told her story, but her connection to the larger story was unclear. So, I guess it’s my job to make that connection clearer in the study and discussion guide.

But that is a hard task, how do I make the connection to the larger story clear through questions? What parts do I pick to clearly showcase that? And also, what exactly is the biggest connection? My friend talked a lot about love and how she felt the need to know what love meant, but how do I best pick what that is!

I feel a little like I have to put meaning in her mouth that isn’t quite there. I feel like I have to take her story and stretch it a bit to fit whatever theme I choose goes best. My current thought is to pick a couple of themes and then send them to her to tell me which one she believes is the best fit. But how in-depth should this themes be? Should I just have a theme or should I have samples of what stories I would use with them?

To conclude: It’s a challenge to try and connect this piece to the larger topic and I don’t know what the best way to go about this is.


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