Fully-Realized Experiment Rationale

For my fully-realized experiment, I am choosing to continue working on the personal essay I proposed in experiment three. This essay is centered around experiences with my chronic illness, which I would hope to connect to large problems in the healthcare industry and social issues of how poorly we treat dis/differently-abled people. I am writing a piece exploring living with a chronic illness and chronic pain as a person with a chronic illness and pain. I want to share this experience with my audience because it is really stigmatized and invisible in mainstream conversations. Hopefully, this piece will have a broad audience, but I hope to speak directly to young women in order to make them aware of this illness as it takes an average of seven years to receive diagnosis and affects more than ten percent of all women. I want to write about this both to spread awareness about it and to share a story that makes structural critiques of the healthcare system in the United States. Today, the Trump Administration announced plans to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, which insured millions and made it illegal to deny insurance to people with pre-existing conditions, by instructing the Department of Justice to stop defending it in court. This may affect how the reception of my piece because so many people will be affected by the destruction of the ACA, especially as what I am talking about means insurance companies could deny me coverage for me so-called pre-existing condition.

This experiment spoke to me more than others because it allows me to express thoughts and pressing concerns that have been swimming in my head for a long time. It also allows me to reflect on my experiences as part of a larger system, which may be helpful in understanding and processing them. I am excited to work on it because I can challenge all the rage and resentment I have towards my chronic illness and the healthcare industry in a (hopefully!) productive way. This genre lends itself to my purpose because it allows me to demonstrate the importance of this issue by showing how it has deeply impacted me. I think this essay could be published in many venues, but I think it would work particularly well on Bustle, which is an online publication dedicated to women’s issues and focused on young women as an audience.

3 thoughts to “Fully-Realized Experiment Rationale”

  1. This is a really powerful, and thought-provoking idea that I haven’t thought much about (probably because I have the privilege of living life without these constraints). I want to start by saying that you are really brave for sharing your journey–and I know that there will be other women out there who can relate to you and share similar experiences. With regards to the healthcare component, this is a topic that has far-reaching implications for not only people with chronic illness, but for people who may not have the means to undergo treatment/therapy/etc. So, I appreciate your commentary on the importance of the ACA–not only is it a public health issue, but its an equity issue as well. I really love your outlook on this project and on your illness. You are turning your “range and resentment” into productivity and positivity, which is extremely admirable. It’s sickening how the leader of one of the wealthiest and most developed countries in the world can try to dismantle an act that is necessary and vital for so many. I’m with you. And best of luck on your project!

  2. Wow, I’m really impressed by your strength and urge to share your story with others! I love personal essays, because they really give you time to think and grow as a person through self reflection. Like you, I am not the biggest fan of the Trump administration and like to see people challenge it in anyway they can. Chronic illnesses are not spoken about enough, so I’m really looking forward to hearing your story.

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