Fully-Realized Experiment Rationale

My origin piece for this class was a cultural commentary essay about apocalyptic films and the need to change their narrative from the apocalypse already happening (and then trying to fix the disaster) to preventing the disaster from happening in the first place. I claimed that this new type of storytelling might increase some hope or show that we can still have some positive impact on our future. For my fully realized experiment I will turn this essay into a Power Point presentation. Since my topic is about movies I think bringing in visuals will help to articulate my argument. I can actually use stills from the movies I analyze rather than simply try to describe them with my words. I can also show the historic trend in one slide (or back to back slides) rather than across a few pages. 

I do try to avoid doing in class presentations so this experiment will be a good to practice this underdeveloped skill and really think about what is the most effective way to share information with a theoretically large group of people. I won’t do a full presentation but I will write a script to go with my Power Point to plan out how it might go in front of a group. I want to keep some of the personal narrative elements in my origin piece so I could include those sections in the script rather than the presentation itself. I also might have to re-order or restructure my origin piece since I didn’t write based on chronological time. For a Power Point presentation, chronology rather than theme could be easier to follow. I imagine that this fully realized experiment will mimic the presentations at TedTalk conferences since their speakers can be informal, casual, and personal even if they are talking about fact-based information.

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  1. Mary,
    This sounds like a really interesting experiment. I especially admire how you are choosing to challenge yourself to do your final project within a genre you’re not entirely comfortable with, and looking forward to the benefits of pushing yourself to do so. The subject matter you’ve chosen is also really unique, something I’ve never heard a discussion about. I’m interested to see how it turns out. Good luck!

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