Fully Realized Planning

For my fully realized project, I decided to expand upon my children’s book.  This genre was one that I found very interesting as I will have the opportunity to present complex issues in a simple way.  This means limited text and vocabulary with illustrations. I want to explain to children that it is ok to be different, in this capacity I am talking about religious and ethnic differences, and that these differences should not be bounds for friendships. I think that due to the nature of the conflict, this piece will only be well received by the innocent mind of a child. I believe in this experiment more than the other ones because the audience is unique.  When presenting such a difficult topic, children are not usually targeted; however, the children’s book primes the readers with the skills they need to accept others’ differences. Additionally, I am excited to work on this project because this will be my first time working on a project like this and there is a lot to learn. I am also excited about the visuals and ability to work with color! I think the colored images make this genre a specifically good one to reach my audience because the children have lower reading levels and are more drawn to colorful images than text.  Furthermore, children’s books are great ways for parents to teach their children a life lesson or moral so they could use this book to instruct their children about the Arab Israeli conflict or about accepting differences in general. One website that I could publish my digital story book is storyjumper.com. This is a website where amature writers can publish their pieces. I used this for a lot of my research because it is one of the only places with free access to children’s books. The books I saw on this website were very engaging and effective in presenting their lesson.

6 thoughts to “Fully Realized Planning”

  1. Georgia,

    I think a children’s book is a great idea for an experiment! It’s a really cool way to address serious issues in the world–it’s interesting how we can use childlike innocence to make something even more effective. It is also a simple way to communicate a story with a clear moral message. You also have a lot of flexibility visually! Go crazy with colors and pictures, and really have fun with it. Having something look pretty is definitely a way to attract attention (as simple as that sounds). Good luck with this experiment! I hope you successfully realize your vision 🙂

  2. Georgia,

    I think this is will be a very fun and impactful final project! I know your target audience is children, as that of most children’s books should be, however I believe reading it from the perspective of a young adult will also be refreshing and enjoyable. I’m curious to see what kinds of visuals you will use – will you use original cartoons to depict specifically what you’re thinking, or stick to arranging clip-art like images that can fit together to tell a larger story in a more innocent way? Good luck with this final project, and I hope you have a smooth creative experience in realizing it!

  3. This sounds so awesome! I love this fully realized idea. I haven’t looked at children’s books recently, but I doubt that there are many, if any, published that deal with the subject matter that you’re pursing. I like your analysis of what a children’s book should do: using simple pictures and limited text, children can be taught about complex issues that they might not think about otherwise. It sounds like you’re already off to a great start. Good luck going forward!

  4. Very interesting topic – I like how this project serves as more of a preventative action to the horrible cultural and ethnic shaming that occurs everyday, teaching children to love themselves for who they are before they’re put in situations where they question it. I would definitely say visuals are key, also rhyming phrases help if you can input them!

  5. Hi Georgia, this sounds like a great idea! I think turning this subject matter into a children’s book would be fascinating to work with, and it is an important message for your audience. It sounds like you’re on track for what you need to be doing, and that you have a great understanding of what a children’s book needs. Best of luck!

  6. Georgia,

    I really like your idea of addressing big topics to children with a goal of teaching them life lessons and morals of accepting each other regardless of their differences. As an Israeli Jew, I am very intrigued about your topic and how you will introduce it to children in a short book with pictures. What kind of pictures will you use? Will the structure of the book be a narrative about children accepting each other or just an informational guide? Will this turn into a series or book collection addressing other topics as well?

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