Lots to Think About

The two experiments I’ve completed thus far have thrown a few trick shots at me. I entered the experience ready to craft the perfect photo essay showcasing the fears of my closest friends, partnered with beautiful reflection and emotionally heavy detail. It wasn’t until my third interview and when I began actually weeding through creative details that I recognized just how much there is to consider in this project. I’ve been struggling to decide on frivolities like my favorite border design and the best page color to fit the mood for about three days now. I also originally failed to acknowledge just how many points there are to stay aware of when involving other individuals in a public project – this was completely my ignorance at fault. Fears are personal, and it isn’t shocking that individuals don’t want theirs’ being available through a quick google search. When interviewing my friends, particularly those who I am not as close with, I’ve come to devise a careful and explicit approach to make sure everyone knows what they’re signing up for. Nonetheless, the responses I’ve received so far have been incredibly personal and reflective, and I’m lucky and proud to have that experience.

Despite this occasional creative and administrative struggle, I find myself opening draft files and revising them in my free time…or simply the free time I gift myself because I need a break from looking at my physiology research essay. I’ve definitely been enjoying this experience, and I’m far more excited to invest myself in it because I know it is entirely mine.

Looking to experiment 3, I can’t say I’m not nervous to write a poem. Poetry has always presented a battle for me. Even writing these sentence brings me to the start of it all when I stared blankly at the 3rd grade NJAsk State Exam stanzas and tried to derive meaning that I didn’t believe existed. I hope I can legendarily write one of the few poems that isn’t as bewilderingly complex as I find most to be.

well I didn’t know this existed, but…!

One thing’s for sure – I guess even if the poem doesn’t thoroughly encapsulate fear, it’ll always be able to evoke it for me.

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