Post 2: Braving the Storm

After reading over the recent blog posts my classmates have written, I have noticed a common theme: senior year stress. I cannot believe it’s almost April, and it’s comforting to know that others are feeling the same. Classes have been more difficult than anticipated. Couple academic stress with the weight of becoming a “real adult” in one month, and you feel like your head is underwater. All the time.

In the midst of this stress, I have reminded myself to take the time to appreciate Ann Arbor, my friends, and my classes during these final weeks. This applies to my capstone as well. The process is messy, confusing, and daunting- but that is perhaps the most novel characteristic of this course and the Minor in Writing. Writing about biraciality, the identity that I hold closest to me and think about most, has been a difficult process. I have never tried to “unpack” biraciality in the manner that I am now, and at times, this has been an emotionally taxing process. Personal reflection is a difficult thing to do on a timeline.

This semester has been writing-heavy outside of my capstone project as well. I have written upwards of 12 papers already. Going “through the motions” with these papers have helped me to appreciate the longer, more intimate, and more challenging aspects of the capstone. Though the writing is more difficult, it will be a better and more personalized product at the end of this. Positive thoughts ahead!

2 thoughts to “Post 2: Braving the Storm”

  1. Hi Matisse! Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts and congrats on what sounds like is going to be a really amazing capstone project. I completely agree with your sentiment that, even though we are all so excited to get out of here and move on to new things, we should appreciate where we are now and the work we are doing now. Doing projects like capstone, where you care about the subject matter and want the project to turn out well is a welcome break from the mindless ways that I now complete my other homework with. I’m with Professor Babcock this semester, and she always stresses the importance of taking ownership of your project and seeing it as something that extends beyond classwork. Good luck on your project!

  2. I could not agree more! I figured taking classes with no exams this semester would make it a breeze – but I guess I forgot just how time consuming papers can be. As I sit here and think about all of the writing I have done, not a lot of it makes me proud.

    That is probably the scariest part, the thought that I have not yet reflected on my feelings on the capstone project. The process of editing has allowed me to begin doing some reflection. Thus far, it has been reassuring, however we shall see where it continues to take me.

    I loved being in your “faux” workshop group for the one week. Your content is interesting and very important. You do a great job balancing personal reflection and historical reflection. I look forward to reading the final product.

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