Reflection 3

I liked drafting and researching my photo journal because it was very different from the other two genres I selected.  Here I had to pay a lot of attention to the moment and political ideals that the images captured in the photos because this was the only way I could communicate to my audience.  I think that if this piece was fully realized I would make it into some type of website so I could make it more interactive by allowing the user to click on different pictures and it would be more engaging. To do this, I would publish it on google sheets to avoid any technical complications I could have (I wouldn’t have to code the website, I have experience making websites with this before and it’s very simple).  My origin piece was very rooted in history, however, this piece is focused on the present and the last section of my sketch draft mentioned the future of the conflict and if it is realistic that it will end anytime soon. It was not so much my origin piece that this stage was based off of, but a film we watched in the class about the state of the region and what it is life to grow up there. When I saw that film I realized that there are so many things different in Israel/Palestine than in the US.  The climate, landscape, language, food, people, etc. are all different and this is also something that Americans should note. It is not just a war torn nation, it also has a cultural value that is much different than what it is like in the United States. The film I watched was based about the life of children and very similar to what my last piece, the story book, was about. I think that contrasting narratives, one Israeli child and one Palestinian child are very powerful as it shows that the children involved in this conflict are innocent but taught hatred from their parents and rest of society. The photos can illustrate some of this with the destruction and war like nature of the entire state.  I think the audience will understand that this is a really scary and unpredictable way to live. I selected the gray background for the photos because I based it off of one of the photo journals I used for my research. I think this was effective in making the photos stick out and draw attention to them. I thought putting them in a square was an interesting way to concentrate all the space to the center and the audience can see how all the pictures interact and represent the nation. This was a good project to show me that a lot can be said without words and that can be used for other projects going forward. It would be interesting to incorporate photos into other essays that may not rely on pictures as an added aid for the audience.  This was one of the more creative projects I have done.

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