The Decision

Working through my three experiments was a great learning opportunity because I was able to dive into the conventions of genres that I was unfamiliar with. After analyzing examples of photo-essays, food recommendation articles, and open letters, I have decided to fully realize a restaurant review article. This piece will be written from my perspective as a young adult who, while growing up, made frequent trips into New York City for the singular purpose of eating. I am writing about a restaurant called Pera Soho, and specifically exploring the brunch experience at this restaurant. I am writing to people who are looking for a place to dine that offers the trendy, aesthetically pleasing brunch that Instagram influencers often seek without compromising on quality food. What makes this recommendation more interesting is the cuisine–it is a Middle Eastern restaurant, instead of the usual avocado toast and green juice offered at most brunch spots. I want to lean into that aspect of the review because most popular restaurants on social media are essentially clones of the same whitewashed version of “good food.” I think that this restaurant, and many others like it, are underrated by the general public due to the more ethnic cuisine they serve.

This experiment honestly excited me the most because I like the flexibility it offers with inserting my own experiences into the piece. I want to be able to truly channel something that I am passionate about into the final product, and food in New York City is genuinely one of my favorite topics to discuss. I also look forward to being able to write in a narrative style for this piece and really transport the audience into a dining experience at Pera Soho. Overall, I think I will have a lot of fun playing around with the best way to tell a compelling story through the conventions of an article-style piece.

It is incredibly commonplace for people to search up restaurant recommendations on the Internet before the make a reservation somewhere. This article is framed as a restaurant recommendation and will therefore be proliferated in that context. As a result, I believe that my message about the world of quality, ethnic cuisine that exists on the fringes of American brunch culture will reach my intended audience, whether or not that was the message my audience intended to find. I would like to write this piece with the intent of publishing it in The New York Times in order to lend more credibility and weight to what is ultimately an opinion piece. Although the connotation of the NYT implies a more serious, adult readership, but the Internet would essentially make this review accessible to any demographic.

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