Writing 220: Endgame

It’s certainly been interesting. I think I had this perfect roadmap sketched out in my head, but that map has been much harder to realize than previously anticipated. I have chosen experiments that involve more of a multimedia approach whether with footage or photography, things I neither have expertise in nor resources to acquire. So it’s been a little difficult. The one thing I like is that my experiments have this overarching theme that’s been progressing throughout. This final experiment feels like the conclusion to a well-rounded story rather than a post-credits tack-on of another genre.

It’s been a cathartic journey, with wrenches thrown in and myself trying to decorate those wrenches into something acceptable. I’m still trying to figure out the end goal though. I know why I would care and enjoy these products, but why should anyone else? In doing a personal project, I’ve really got to think and make it coherent as to why my personal life should matter for anyone else. It’s different not pandering to just one professor where I’m simply writing a paper or creating a presentation based on readings and assignments. This has a real audience.

For this final experiment, I’m writing an obituary that essentially doubles as a profile for the life of this girl, mother, character I’ve been portraying. I don’t know if I’m necessarily excited to write, because I know it will be tough to get into that headspace, but I think it’ll turn out genuine and I’ll be better for it. There’s much to do before I can get to that point (I have to conduct a lot of research on this genre’s conventions), but I’m ready to see what the end result will be. Or rather, what the endgame will be.

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