A Semester Condensed – The Eportfolio is Ready!


After a busy few days piecing together all of my work from this semester onto a Wix site, I can finally call my Eportfolio complete! Though I went back and forth between formatting and playing around with font styles for far too long, here are some snapshots of the final product –

The landing page
The “About Me” Section
A preview of how most text pages were formatted
The final project embedded into the sight

I am excited that I was able to piece it together without feeling too rushed, and cannot say I’m disappointed with the outcome of my final project. Though there certainly is room for improvement, and I do plan on making adjustments to the site in the future, I think the Eportfolio and the embedded photo essay are in a decent spot. I’ve definitely learned a lot from their creation, and look forward to extending my adventure with fully realizing projects of my choosing!

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