Advice for incoming Gateway Students


Whether you’re studying biology, gender studies, or business, congrats on making the choice to supplement your major with the Sweetland Writing Minor. This class has been unlike any other that I’ve taken, so be prepared for a little change.

The Gateway course encourages its students to independently grow their writing and creative skills in a relationship-driven environment. I encourage you, the new guy, to capitalize on this; you will be given projects deemed “experiments” where the sky is the limit. I would suggest taking the chance to think about something you’ve always wanted to learn about, and honing in on it for any/all of the experiments. The unique light you must present your subject and argument in will further enhance your research, communication, and writing skills that no surface level english class has done to date.

Beyond the work itself, your teacher is the captain of your ship – trust him/her and make sure to build a friendly companionship with them. The semester flies by but never forget to write what you want to write for your audience because no one writes like you do.


Andrew Green

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