Advice to Future Gateway Cohorts

At the beginning of this semester, or even back when I applied to the minor in writing, I had no idea what would come. If you told me that I would be creating an entire website and making three vastly different experiments- I would probably think your crazy.

Now that this semester is coming to an end, I can look back fondly on this process and the things I have learned about myself throughout it.

Now Advice!

  1. Stay on top of your work- there is nothing worse than falling behind and having to rush through an experiment you really care about.
  2. Plan ahead- really think about which projects will take the most time and order them accordingly (the first one usually is given the most time)
  3. Pick a topic you really care about- you will be working with the topic all semester so make sure it is complex, multi-dimensional, and interesting to you. Plus, if you love your topic then it won’t feel as much like homework and rather an exploration.
  4. Volunteer for a workshop- it is slightly intimidating but really rewarding.

Hopefully some of my advice helps your along your gateway journey.

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