Allow Me to Re-introduce My E-Portfolio

Alrighty everyone it’s finally finished. Introducing the Nick Silk 2019 E-Portfolio:

I will say, it was no walk in the park. After numerous trial and errors, and even upending my entire template, I finally created a site that I believe to accurately represent my semester’s work in a fashionable and trim manner. While it was at times craze-inducing, it was also an amazing experience, one that gave me confidence not only as a writer but as a scholar moving forward. This e-portfolio taught me many interdisciplinary tools and skills which I look forward to utilizing in my next academic pursuits. It made me reflect upon my own educational and life experiences, and allowed me to have some introspective realizations.

I hope this e-portfolio captivates you, enthralls you, entertains you, and informs you. More than anything though, I hope it makes you feel something – that’s always been my indicator of a good film, show, book, or piece of writing. I hope you enjoy!

Signing off (for now),


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