Caffeine Crazy

I am currently sitting in Starbucks and I was so close to being a Gold member and suddenly my stars were nowhere to be found. After contacting customer service they informed me that with the update, they automatically moved me up to Gold status. I bring this up to say that I spend entirely too much money on coffee. Im willing to bet that if I saved up the money I spent on coffee these last four years, I would have a dollar amount in the thousands.

What does coffee have to do with writing? Well a whole lot! Like a lot of people, when I first tried coffee I didn’t like it because it was too strong and bitter and made my heart race, but as time went on I came to like it more and more. By the time I came to Michigan my freshman year, I felt like I needed coffee to stay alert and focused on my work. It had to accompany me at least once a day while I wrote my papers and studied for exams. I also felt that my burst of energy helped me think about creative ideas at a faster rate. Even right now I’m at Starbucks drinking an iced vanilla latte as I type.

I was always warned about getting addicted to coffee, although I don’t quite get headaches when I don’t have it for a day or two, I am starting to think I am psychologically addicted to it. Instead of drinking coffee when I’m tired, I drink it to feel productive. It is my drink of inspiration and drive. Without it, I don’t feel like I had a successful work session.

Thinking about the “Lifestyle” tab in my advice column, I think I am going to add a piece on coffee consumption and why it is important to pay attention to how much is consumed before it’s too late. I think it is too late in the game for me to give up coffee especially as I start a real job and have to wake up early, but maybe i’ll be able to save someone with the post.

One thought to “Caffeine Crazy”

  1. Jana! I totally feel you on the coffee thing โ€” I remember freshman year looking at people who drank coffee all of the time and thinking, “That’ll never be me!” Here we are, four years later, and I’m so dependent on caffeine it’s literally pathetic.

    For your project in particular, I feel like including a section on coffee dependency could be really helpful/useful/interesting. Especially if you feel like it’s something that’s going to follow you through the rest of your life, through a job or whatever is next for you, it makes complete sense to include it in your lifestyle section โ€” after all, coffee is a lifestyle ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think itโ€™d be fun though to have alternative suggestions โ€” maybe what could they drink instead (I know you run a company, could be a great place to plug your brand!), or what other habits should they build up to help with work/school? Just spitballing hereโ€ฆ Either way, Iโ€™m excited to read it ๐Ÿ™‚

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