Capstone Challenge Journal #1 – Is Anyone Interested?

I feel like I am a strong writer. I feel like I can accurately and concisely get my point across to a reader. This being said, one thing I really struggle with as a writer is how to make what I write interesting to readers form a wide variety of backgrounds.

Most of what I have written in the past is scientific articles and research papers. In these genre’s, it is not so much about form as it is about content. For this reason, I often find myself, even in creative writing, drifting towards factual rather than entertaining. This is not to say that writing cannot be both factual and entertaining, I just haven’t been able to find that balance yet.

I have gotten better over the course of college in writing more engaging pieces. Last semester, I took English 325: The Art of the Essay. This course pushed me to employ more creative means of writing in different non-fiction genres. I enjoyed that this class focused on creative non-fiction as it allowed me to ground my writing in reality while still developing a creative flair. Our first writing assignment in this course focused on writing a paper based on a scientific ~thing~. I chose to write mine on the phylogenies of trees in biology. About half way through the assignment, I realized my paper had absolutely no personality. Instead of tying the trees to something bigger, I had more or less written a research paper on trees for a creative non-fiction class. I re-evaluated with the help of peer reviews and rewrote my piece using the tree phylogenies as an analogy for my family, which I appropriately title “my Family Tree(s)”. Even though it had a rocky beginning, it turned into one of my favorite pieces of writing from the course.

I am hoping to do something similar for my capstone in this course. I would like to take a semi-scientific principle(consciousness) and expand upon it, drawing similarities between it and many other components of life. English 325 helped me develop the skills I need to do this, and I am hoping they will translate well into this project.

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