Capstone Challenge Journal #2 – A Tale of Procrastination

One of the only other courses in which I had to generate this much written material was not, in fact, a writing course. The longest paper I have written was instead for my anatomy and physiology course. It was a research paper based off of a lab we had completed the previous week, and I had put off writing the paper until, of course, the night before it was due.

I think this was the worst experience I have ever had with writing. I basically had to lock myself into my room with my laptop for like 6 or 7 hours. It was like pulling my own teeth trying to get myself to write this paper. It wasn’t that I was not interested in the material, it was just that I had put myself in a position where I could not even enjoy the process of writing because the stress of the deadline felt like such a stressful and ominous force. I remember how much content I felt like I had to throw together without having the time to make sure that it fit well and supported my argument. By the time I finished the paper, I had no time to edit and ended up having to turn it in pretty much immediately after I completed it.

Long story short, I did not do well on the paper. I was not so much disappointed in the points that were taken off for factual errors, I was much more disappointed in points that were taken off for writing style and grammatical errors. I knew I was better than that. I knew that the biggest issue with my writing in this case was the fact that I hadn’t had the time to fully enjoy the process of writing and editing. I hadn’t given myself the time to write a strong rough draft to edit, I had written a weak rough draft and turned it in.

In the case of this capstone, I want to make sure I am giving myself adequate time to both write and review. I do my best writing without the immediate stress of a deadline, so for this project I need to keep the final deadline as far away as possible from when I intend to finish writing. I feel like I am in a very good position with my writing right now, so I am hoping I can continue at the pace I am going and leave plenty of time to spare.

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