Capstone Challenge Journal 3: Editing

Everything to this point has been easy for me. Sure I had some writer’s block here and there and it was time-consuming to take on 15 chapters, plus intro and conclusion… however, it was easy.

Editing. Editing is hard. I feel there are so many ways to edit something I have a hard time deciphering which would be the most effective and successful for my final product. I have had to reflect on what exactly this project was made for in the first place, and what it has taught me along the way of writing it. The formatting was a front-heavy challenge, but I committed to a form and have gone with it thus far. I believe it has worked well for me and I hope it is not too overwhelming for people to fully immerse themselves in the content.

I am starting to worry people will be waiting for the point in the beginning couple of chapters, but hoping they read far enough that it actually becomes useful and relevant to them. I guess the real worry here is selling the reader on their time being well-spent reading my content.

And thus, we begin editing.

One thought to “Capstone Challenge Journal 3: Editing”

  1. Hi Serena!

    I feel like I am having the same issue with editing. I have my content competed, but the mountain of editing I have to do before the I have a polished finished product is pretty intimidating. I feel like I told myself hey as long as I can get everything written, editing and tweaking will be the easy part. Now I’m realizing I was wayyy wrong. I don’t know about you, but I feel like my central focus for the project has shifted a lot over the course of the semester, and I am just now realizing there is a lot I have to go back and rework to fit my current conclusion.

    i have not read your work , but knowing how well you write outside of this class makes me think that engaging the reader won’t be a big issue for your project. I think we’re all kind of in a stage where we are questioning ‘is what I did even good?’ but I feel like in your case the answer is most definitely yes. Now that you have written everything and committed to a form, how exactly do you plan on tackling editing? Looking for some suggestions as I begin the long editing stage as well.

    Best of luck!

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