Capstone Challenge Journal #3 – Making the Connection

I have never had to edit a piece of work this comprehensive in the past, and it is challenging. More than just little grammatical errors, there is a lot that, upon finishing my writing, I need to go back and rewrite/tweak. This is because a great deal of what I thought originally during my project changed over the course of the project. I thought originally that I would be concluding the piece with my definition of consciousness, however the more I investigated consciousness, the more I realized it is something that I do not think can be defined. Because of this shift in perspective, I am having to go back and change some sections in the beginning to better accommodate the conclusion I reach.

Something similar to this happened in only one case in the past that I can think of. In English 325, which I took last semester, I wrote a personal narrative. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to write about when I started, but I knew I wanted to write about my travels. I ended up writing four different sections about four different places I had visited the previous summer. It was not until I had fully written out the sections, each detailing a different adventure in a different place, that I found the common connections and a shared theme between them. I knew that instead of expanding on one section for the entire narrative, I wanted to combine the sections with their common theme. This took a bit of reworking, but in the end I think it turned out really well.

I think having this past experience made me less worried when I began to notice that my discourse was shifting from what I had stated in the introduction of my Capstone. I already had an idea of how I wanted the capstone to go when I started it, but I allowed myself to stray from the path and ended up with an entirely different conclusion than I expected. I knew this would mean I would need to do some tweaking to the beginning portion of the capstone, but I also knew that, though it would take more work, it would turn out better this way than it would have if I hadn’t let my opinions shift as I gained more information over the course of my research.

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