Capstone Challenge Journal #4 – Where to go from Here

I cannot believe its almost the end of the semester. Moreover, I cannot believe its almost the end of my undergraduate college education! One thing I am really struggling with as this semester winds down is how I am going to continue writing beyond college.

I intend to move to DC and continue contributing to neuroscience-related research at the National Institute of Health after graduation. This job will definitely come with a lot of writing tasks, however they will be scientific writing assignments and a lot of brief business-type writing. In an earlier blog, I discussed how I have had a problem in the past with balancing factual and creative writing, and I am worried that with this new job I will regress back into a writer without the ability to creatively capture a reader’s attention.

I think that the two courses I have taken in college that will help me the most in retaining the creative writing skills I have developed will be English 325 and the MiW capstone course. English 325 showed me that I can write in a creative and entertaining way that keeps a reader’s interest, and the capstone showed me that I can balance this entertaining quality with factual writing.

I think that in order to maintain my writing abilities beyond college, I will need to practice the skills I have learned (especially in these courses). I will need to keep writing outside of work so I do not lose the skills I have worked so hard to acquire the past four years. Writing has never come especially easily to me, and the growth I have undergone as a writer in college is exponential. It will be through continued individual practice that I take what I have learned with me, into the ‘real world.’

2 thoughts to “Capstone Challenge Journal #4 – Where to go from Here”

  1. Ahhh Nia!!!!!
    This idea of maybe not engaging with writing in the traditional sense for the pure love for writing is so scary to me!!! I definitely agree with all you said and am glad you are starting to explore these thoughts already. Best of luck post-grad!

  2. I totally agree. I think that it is so important to keep doing what you love and making the time to write. The thought of the real world has been looming over our heads and it seems like it’s finally here. I totally agree that this is one of the most important classes I have taken to develop my writing skills. I hope that everything works out! Best of luck post-grad.

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