Challenge Journal #3 – Jacob Stropes

Sooooo I am finally getting around to finishing off all of the scripts for my podcast episodes. I am typing this challenge post in the middle of typing the last script because I needed some sort of time away from staring at the same page. I don’t really find myself struggling to type the script itself, I just feel a little unmotivated still in finishing the thing off. I believe I may have talked about this in a comment I made to someone else’s post but I feel fear in that my podcast may not turn out as professional sounding as I had hoped. Not that I don’t have the ability to edit and speak in a professional manner, it is simply a time crunch.

As much as I would love to forget about the rest of my classes and focus solely on this for the next 9 days, I simply cannot do that, which sucks, but yeah. I have dealt with this issue many times in the past throughout the course of balancing my business course load but still being expected to pump out papers and multimedia projects through the minor program. I am trying to remember how I dealt with those dilemmas in the past successfully but each time I think back to a dilemma like this, it just seems to have worked out somehow. Maybe that’s the point and that’s why my topic is what it is. I’m going to put the effort into all of the responsibilities as best I can and hopefully through Compatibilism (episode 4 check it out), it will all end up working out. Guess we’ll just have to wait 9 days and see.

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  1. Jacob–

    I am super impressed with your drive and dedication to doing something out of the ordinary and completing a Ted Talk. I am so excited to see the finished product! As someone who is super interested in public speaking and Ted Talks, I’m intrigued by your process and how you went about formulating this project. Especially since you didn’t have to deal with the utter ridiculousness that is wix (sorry, it just frustrates me beyond belief), I am curious to see how you added some extra oomf, if you will, to your Ted Talk to bring it to life. I’d actually love to learn more about the whole process and your motivations.

    I totally feel the unmotivated component, though. I have no problem at all writing about what I am writing about, but it is simply sitting down to actually do it that is slowing me down. Maybe its because we don’t want it to be done. Maybe we want it to continue on because ending it means closing a large chapter? Idk, just spit balling here!

    Good luck!

  2. Hey Jacob!

    It’s awesome that you are almost done with your final script. I feel like after talking with you during workshops a few weeks ago that it has taken a lot of work to even get this far, so it’s great to see that you are almost there. It is also really cool that you are doing something different from most capstone students with a podcast instead of just a website. I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much with worry about it sounding super professional. I know that was your goal, but you are still a student (with a lot on your plate it sounds like) and doing the best you can within reason is totally fine.

    I definitely relate to you on feeling unmotivated. Honestly, since Spring Break I’ve been kind of dragging myself through the rest of the semester. It is hard to feel engaged in classes when there are so many other academic and life stressors right around the corner. How are you thinking of recording the podcast? For that Writer to Writer podcast we published, the submitter just recorded herself on her phone and it ended up turning out really good. Maybe you could try doing that to make it easier on yourself?

    Best of luck!

  3. Hi Jacob,

    My name is Sam, and I am currently a Capstone student in Julie’s class. While I don’t know what — exactly — your project entails, I can tell you that I am currently feeling the same things about my project. Finishing this piece while also balancing classes, final exams, final papers, etc. is difficult. It is making it hard for me to complete the project in the way that I had hoped. On top of that, I am trying to complete all of this work with the least amount of motivation I have ever had. Senioritis is a real thing.

    I’m a planner, and that’s what I resort to when school gets crazy. I try to devote certain days to specific classes. Or, if I have a huge chunk of time that I can do work, I will divide it evenly amongst my classes. I find that this helps me feel motivated to complete as much as I can per course. And, if you have the time, it is helpful to add in a small incentive after each block (like maybe checking social media, watching a quick TV episode, etc.) I feel that organizing your time in this way will also help you know that you have given it your all. When it is time to submit your capstone project, you will know that you put as much time into it as you possibly could. This might help you take even more pride in what you have accomplished. Good luck with the rest of your semester!

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