Challenge Journal 4: Being frustrated at the little things (and why that is good)

As the clock is ticking down, I have made significant strides in the creation of my entire project (content, web page, emotional well-being about the state of my project and my entire future). I imagine many of you inherently feel the same way. But like Zeno’s Paradox, this kind of progress has been a Russian nesting doll for other problems.

I write a piece for the website. Great! Where does it fit? Do I have to reorganize how the links are being displayed? Now I have placed it and I continue to look at my website. Should I have made another tab? Do I even like the color scheme that I used? If you work like I do, you can make these annoying changes whenever a free time opportunity comes up. A few changes here and there and then off to class, rinse and repeat.

Some times these small changes pose unnecessary introspective questions like if I should have picked another topic to start with or a different medium or if I should have simplified or gotten even more complex.

But I argue that these thoughts are good. Thoughts about where to add a new piece on my website is good. It forces you to notice and perfect everything. There may never be a true conclusion to the project since it will be submitted no matter what whether you are completely satisfied or not. In this instance, where you may never feel at ease, you can practice coping with that realization. And beyond all that, these nuanced questions can make you appreciate all of the progress you have made. I had an idea, and I wrote words and made a website. And I am worried about color and a button size? That’s awesome!

The near completion of my website, in reality, doesn’t totally alter how stressed I can be to actually finish it. But I am more comfortable that I have something to show. I can smile at the thousands of words in my google drive. I can smile at my Wix page that somewhat resembles a nice website.

Good luck and work hard in these next few weeks!

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  1. As a sophomore in the minor in writing, I really appreciate your post about the capstone project. It makes the capstone course seem more approachable. Thanks for the insight into the various difficulties of doing a capstone project, and also letting us see your thought process for how to proceed. Good luck and hopefully you can finish well!

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