Challenge Journal: AHHHHH!!!

The world may as well be ending at this point. Life beyond college? Forget about it. I might as well be 80 years old. What’s my purpose in life?

Alright now that that’s over, it’s time to be rational again. The semester is pretty much done, with the capstone project being the last, huge, important assignment left for me to do. I have been thinking about the capstone a lot, and not just because of the upcoming project submission, but for what it represents as a transition into the next chapter of life post-graduation.

I want to go out proud as I enter the unknown “real” world. I want to prove that I can still create things for others to enjoy, even if I don’t get that creative opportunity at a desk job or in graduate school. In other words, I can’t say for certain that my project is good, but it means a lot for me that I am finding comfort in the work I produce.

After seeing everyone’s trailers and pieces from the workshops, I hope that you guys feel the same way too. I observed some truly incredible work, and I was jealous of the creativity and passion I saw in class.

So yea, I am freaking out about graduation. But we are going to graduate in style. Life isn’t over after 21 years, somehow. I will continue to work hard and find my passion. And I know that I am in good company. Good luck in this final week!

One thought to “Challenge Journal: AHHHHH!!!”

  1. Hi Ethan – when I saw your blog post entitled “AHHHHH!” I knew I had to click on it. If it makes you feel better, just know that you’re not alone. What I found so beautiful about our class discussion was how different all of our pieces were, but all so important to us in one way or another – hold onto that as you submit your project (and graduate- this place is important, don’t forget it!) In terms of being comfortable in your work, I’m struggling with the same thing right now. I mean, we’re writing blogs – sharing intimate details of our lives (whether we were ready to do this or not). One thing that’s giving me a bit more confidence in my writing is that someone cares. If its not me, then its someone who can relate to me in some way or another. I think about all of the blogs that I’ve read that have stuck with me- I’m sure the authors had the same feeling. So, that being said, I just hope you can be confident in submitting your work and showcasing your creativity. I challenge you to ask yourself “Who could relate to this?” (spoiler alert – you’ve got an audience right here.)

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