Challenge Journal – Writing After College?

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’m a just a little nervous for life post-grad. While I’m grateful that I have a job that I’m incredibly excited for, there’s a lot of things about college that I’m going to miss: waking up a little too late, staying up with my roommates just to talk, football games, walking in the diag, and, well, writing.

My college experience has been shaped by the writing that I’ve gotten to do – through classes (specifically the minor), my journal, and extracurricular activities. I’ve written for online magazines, for a startup, and for myself. I’ve found a place for writing because of my passion, but also because I’ve carved out the time for these activities. I’ve been passionate about writing from such a young age, and I know that’s not going to go away the minute I graduate from this University. But, what if I don’t have the time post-grad; no, what if I don’t make the time? In college, that time has been carved out for me, but not anymore.

I don’t think that my love for writing will necessarily go away, but I am scared that it will start to diminish until it’s really just me writing in my journal once every couple of days. How do you all plan to make time for writing post-grad when you’re balancing work, health, and a social life? How can we make sure that we don’t lose all of the progress we’ve made throughout our time at Michigan?

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  1. Hi Casey,
    I can relate with the fear of losing steam on writing progress after college. I’ve also loved writing for quite a while, but personally, I tend to not write unless prompted. I’ve never even kept a journal– there’s just always been enough writing assignments in college for me to sink my teeth into that I’ve never really taken ownership for developing my own writing outside of school.
    For myself, I think I’m going to start pretty simple but also combine some other goals that I have post-college with my writing goals. For instance, I want to be able to maintain long-distance relationships with my friends that aren’t purely digital, so we’ve decided to mail around a diary that we’ll all write in periodically. I’m really excited to be able to have basically a group diary, and to be able to form a new mini-community of writers with my friends. Along those lines, I think that the community part is what I’ll miss the most, and what I’ll be looking to either maintain or find again. I think it’d be rare to find as large a group as capstone again, but I think that having a few writer friends to encourage you and bounce ideas off of would be a great way to help you navigate writing post-college.

  2. Hey Casey!

    I really loved reading this post because it echoes a few of my post-grad concerns as well. Most of these concerns revolve around TIME: will I have enough time to make money but also enjoy myself? Will I have enough time to write while I worry about making said money? Will I be able to keep in touch with the pals I had next-door now that we will all have different schedules?
    Although college made it a bit easier to see friends, work on passion projects, and live a routine life, we made the CHOICE to live the way we do. I could have easily slept in until just before every class, but instead I woke up to write a little bit more. I could have stayed in bed all day watching TV, but I made it a point to go over to friend’s apartments to cuddle and chat until the wee-hours of the morning. I could have (and sometimes did) spent my Saturdays doing laundry and vegging out, but I also made the choice to go on little adventures to the Big House or to the Farmer’s Market. I think we will have just as much control as we used to, BUT under new circumstances.
    There is always that horrible period of transition, during which you say goodbye to your old routine and discover a new routine… but I think this offers us another opportunity to learn more about ourselves as friends, writers and new-to-adulting humans.

    A bit optimistic, perhaps… but these are the ideas I hold onto as we jump into the big unknown!

    Best of luck to you,


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