Dear Wall, Please Go Away

Well. 13 days remain. 15 if you live a dangerous life.

Prior to starting this project, I had so many hopes and dreams and could clearly picture exactly what I wanted to get out of this project. The sad thing is, I still have this feeling. I still know what I want to get out of this project and I can literally see results that I have generated throughout the course. But for some reason, I. Cannot. Write. More. Yes, I know, “writer’s block is perfectly normal, blah blah blah.” I get it. We’ve all had it before and we’ve all found a way to fix it. And granted, my fix will probably come the night of 4/21 before class as I fear Ray’s disappointed, horrified look if I don’t come with something resembling a finished project. But I just don’t understand why I cannot generate words at an appropriate time, like when I’m staring at my computer for hours on end.

And it’s not like I’m not trying. I think it’s fair to speak for everyone in this course when I say that we are all trying our best. But there’s just a point in which us trying doesn’t seem to be helping us climb over the wall blocking whatever beautiful, perfectly written project awaits on the other side.

So, here’s to hoping we find our way to the other side. Even if I have to crash over Humpty Dumpty style, that’s fine with me. And I wish I could provide some motivational story about how I’ve encountered this block before in prior classes, but those prior classes have never had such a meaning to me. I chose my project because I care about it. So I think this notion of “this must be perfect, Anne” glaring me in the face is the reason for these troubles. Either way, buckle up folks. These 13 days are gonna be a ride of a lifetime.

2 thoughts to “Dear Wall, Please Go Away”

  1. Hey Anne!

    I feel this on a very real level. While I am not explicitly dealing with writer’s block, I am concerned about the ability to realize the goals and visions that I had for my project before it began. However, regarding the writer’s block, I have been plagued with this many times in the past. I wanted to ask what strategies you have used to try and get yourself out of this funk. For me, as an example and hopefully a solution, I have had success getting out of a block by changing the atmosphere and the time of day in which I attempt to write. For example, I don’t know how much you care about your sleep schedule, but if you don’t, I have experienced success starting to write after midnight or 1am and in different places than my traditional desk spot like outside on my porch. Hope this helps!


  2. Hi Anne!

    Wow. I really relate to this. That feeling of “I’m trying really hard why do I not have anything to show for it?” is honestly so real. I don’t even want to count up how many hours were spent during the course of this project just staring at a blank computer screen. Sometimes the stress of worrying about why you can’t write makes it even harder to write in itself. Its honestly a really hard cycle to break.

    In my own experience, it has been even harder to focus on classes with graduation right around the corner. I have been really unfocussed for the past month and I am having trouble realigning myself to the workload of writing and editing this project. It’ll definitely be a race till the end. It is awesome to hear that you care so much about your project, and I am sure that your genuine interest towards your subject will help you over this “wall”. I know it might sound counterintuitive, but maybe consider taking a break from writing for a day or so? It might help you be able to cognitively digest some things and come back to the project with a fresh view.

    Best of luck!

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