Experiment 3: Revenge Tour

(Google Slides, circa 2019)

For my third experiment, I wanted to layer different Google Trends graphs on top of one another to demonstrate the upward trend of slang words since 2004. My slang words included features like “oof,” “yeet,” and “tea.”

However, my third experiment was not what I wanted it to be, and that’s okay. I found that through creating this graph, I discovered what I actually was interested in in relation to Google Trends. I want to analyze why each curve looks the way it does. Is it cyclical? Are there peaks? While I still want to do what my sketch for the third experiment outlined, this is the part that really interests me. So, my final project will be known as “(I can’t think of anything creative or snappy yet)” and will feature one diagram made up of layered Google Trends graphs, with an analysis portion for each word.

Moving forward, I need a better way to make this diagram than doing it in Google Slides. I also need to address words that aren’t solely slang (tea has a small peak every winter, and it’s not because we’re all gossiping in January). For my next steps, I plan to reevaluate the list of slang in my sketch and compare Google Trends graphs.

Here’s to this Revenge Tour being different than the last! (we’re a basketball school– no, a football school– no, wait– agh!)

One thought to “Experiment 3: Revenge Tour”

  1. This is such a cool idea. I never considered the extent of analysis that you can do with Google Trends graphs. Your fully realized experiment looks super interesting so far!

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