Experiment Three Reflection

I think that the photo essay genre is appealing to me because I appreciate the interactive nature of it, while leaving little to be interpreted by the audience. The image makes it easy for them to visualize exactly what is going on, and the words allow you to persuade the audience that what is in the image connects to the problems that are present directly. If I were to fully realize this project, I think it would effectively blend credibility and logic to successfully allow the audience to recognize the issues at hand. During the proposal stage I actually envisioned the project turning out well because it squashed all issues I had in prior experiments, while, at least superficially, not bringing forth new issues. My origin piece was a research essay about cycles of criminal activity, so the direction I’ve gone in has made it more of a casual life lesson that is more relatable for the typical viewer. I left behind the formal persuasive nature of my origin piece, and instead have chosen to persuade using reasoning and logic to replace facts and statistics that were initially incorporated. Although I felt nonfiction made my point feel serious and real, the relatability was low as it only applied to a small subset of the population in the United States. If I were to fully realize this experiment, I would need to learn about the most effective ways to tie up my words with the picture. Is the picture there to allude to or is it supposed to be a visual that gets the audience thinking prior to reading the words? It would also be necessary for me to make my verbiage sophisticated in order to establish myself as an intellectual source to speak on my topic. I have already taken the photo that I feel best represents the issues that I touch on, and have received my subjects permission to use it in my piece. The ethical issues behind using another person’s problem in a public piece were something I needed to consider, but after discussing with him it seems as though he approves of me using the topic as a means of making my point. If I were to publish this piece, I would likely do it on the website of a news source. This is where I found all of my mentor pieces, and is a place where I would have built-in credibility that would establish me as reliable in spite of my age. It was crucial for me to go through the process of planning experiments one and two in order to work through the kinks and come away with an understanding of the struggles I would face in the process of producing a piece that effectively released my message. All in all, contrary to my initial thoughts, it helped me to outline multiple genres, as I was surprised to find that my first two choices would have come with great obstacles that I did not see prior to going through the experimental process.

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